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TOD_Scattering Class Reference

Atmospheric scattering and aerial perspective camera component. More...

Public Attributes

Shader ScatteringShader = null
Shader ScreenClearShader = null
Shader SkyMaskShader = null
Texture2D DitheringTexture = null
bool SinglePass = true
float GlobalDensity = 0.01f
 How quickly the fog thickens with increasing distance.
float HeightFalloff = 0.01f
 How quickly the fog falls off with increasing altitude.
float ZeroLevel = 0.0f
 The height where fog reaches its maximum density.
ResolutionType Resolution = ResolutionType.Normal
 The scattering resolution.
int BlurIterations = 2
 The number of blur iterations to be performed.
float BlurRadius = 2
 The radius to blur filter applied to the directional scattering.
float MaxRadius = 1
 The maximum radius of the directional scattering.
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TOD_Sky sky = null
 Sky dome reference inspector variable. Will automatically be searched in the scene if not set in the inspector.

Additional Inherited Members

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enum  ResolutionType { Low, Normal, High }
 Image effect resolutions.

Detailed Description

Atmospheric scattering and aerial perspective camera component.

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