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New Server, Future Plans

Ok I think everything's up and running again. I moved the whole page and database to a new server. The new server's performance should be more than enough to be prepared for the future of this site and the Birdy Bounce leaderboard database. A lot of things will happen over the next few months and I would like to use this news to talk about my future plans.

Birdy Bounce has a total of about 3000 active online players at the moment, that's enough to make me buy a faster server to be prepapred for the upcoming Birdy Bounce iOS release. And that's right where the second topic of this post is starting. Birdy Bounce for iOS will be available for all iOS devices running iOS 4.0 or higher no matter whether it's iPhone, iPod or iPad. I'm hoping for a relase as soon as this month. Birdy Bounce for iOS will be free in combination with Apple iAd - boom!

I chose iAd because the iOS App Store offers gazillion of high quality free and paid apps. It's everything but easy to release a successful product in an environment with such a high density of apps. I'm certain that a lot of iOS users will like Birdy Bounce, but the app market changed a lot since the early gold rush. People hate paying for stuff. The iAd implementation is fair and not annoying by any means. I placed the banner at the top of the screen to make sure that noone will click it by accident.
Posted on May 13 2011
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