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Last obstacle finally taken

Looks like the good news won't stop. I received my first WP7 payment last month and have successfully finished the struggle against all US tax forms and tax identification numbers. What's left is a huge pile of experience in terms of taxes, tax forms and interaction with people miles away in a country I have never actually been to.

The huge first step is taken, I'm now present in the iOS, WP7 and Mac App Stores and receiving regular payments. My investments of the past have finally come to a result. I think I just completed the biggest achievement of my life to date.

The plans for the future are enormous, I'm currently working on both some open source stuff I really want to release as soon as possible and a new 3D game. Besides those projects there is still the urge in me to expand Birdy Bounce even more, and with the summer term having just begun, my university work is slowly starting to take more and more time. I think it's save to say that I won't die of boredom this year.

Let's hope this is just the beginning.
Posted on June 01 2011
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