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Notedown - My first open source project on GitHub

I talked a lot about open source applications over the last few weeks or even months and I'm pretty excited that I finally found some time to actually upload my first open source project called Notedown. It's primarily been a learning project to get started with Eto.Forms and I thought that it might help others to get their first cross-platform Mono application up and running.

The Mono community has a huge problem that there's a real lack of examples to learn from, especially when you're trying to develop native looking cross-platform applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The aim of Eto.Forms is to provide a good looking .NET framework to develop native UIs without having to know the exact details about every single platform API. It's a great start to get decent looking applications and you should definitely have a look at it!

Notedown itself is an application to take notes and store them in plain text on the hard disk. It's great if you want a fast and simple application to write your ideas down without having to bother about anything complicated. I'm using Notedown myself to synchronize my notes over all my computers with Dropbox, there's no need to install any synchronization software other than the one I'm already using for all my other stuff. As I already said it's nothing special and the primary purpose is to provide an example for proper Eto.Forms usage, but as simple as the application is, I couldn't find anything like it on the internet so it might be useful for someone looking for the same thing I've been looking for - a simple and Dropbox compatible notes application.
Posted on July 15 2011
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