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About 2012

Oh, hey there. Looks like the world didn't end this year after all, even though you might have thought so by looking at Mayan calendars or the time interval between the news posts on this website. Fact is that there really hasn't been a whole lot to talk about this year as I had to do quite a few things for University and did some web development for a local company.

That being said, 2012 hasn't all been boring work as I finally ramped up development on my new game. I threw around different ideas and concepts since the summer of 2011 and a few months back I finally felt that I have something to double down on. There isn't much to talk about because so far it's mostly engine and concept work, but a year from now I'll hopefully look back at this post and think about how everything started - way back in 2012 when the whole world talked about Mayans, the US presidential election and the financial crisis.

Happy whatever-you-believe-in and to a great new year!
Posted on December 24 2012
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