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Time of Day is now available on the Unity Asset Store

At the end of last week version 1.2 of my package Time of Day got released to the Unity Asset Store. Time of Day is a package to render realistically looking sky domes with physically correct atmospheric scattering. It features a dynamic day / night cycle, dozens of parameters to configure and probably the most realistic looks out of all the sky-related packages on the Asset Store.

Atmospheric Scattering:
- Physically correct Rayleigh and Mie scattering
- Wide range of parameters to configure

Time & Weather:
- Dynamic day / night cycle
- Configurable sunrise and sunset color falloff
- Animated clouds with correct sun illumination
- Adjustable cloud density, size and darkness
- Continuously animated moon phases

Performance & Requirements:
- Icosphere sky dome mesh in 3 levels of detail
- Compatible to shader model 2.0
- Supports linear lighting
- Supports Desktop, Web and Mobile platforms
- Supports Indie and Pro versions of Unity

You can expect a thoroughly documented and well-written code base, including references to scientific papers explaining all equations used in the shaders and scripts.

Time of Day is available for download at the Unity Asset Store. A demo scene in the Unity Web Player is available here.
Posted on April 16 2013
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