Time of Day

Time of Day

I created Time of Day because I was not satisfied with the available solutions to render dynamic sky domes in Unity. What bothered me most about the existing solutions were the often chaotic code bases and the lack of physical accuracy. With Time of Day you can expect a thoroughly documented, well-written and highly optimized code base with references to the scientific papers it is based on.


  • Physically based sky shading
  • Rayleigh & Mie scattering
  • Highly customizable
  • Sun and moon god rays
  • Aerial perspective
  • Lighting

  • Full PBR & HDR support
  • Realtime ambient light
  • Realtime reflections
  • Clouds

  • Physically based cloud shading
  • Semi-volumetric cloud layers
  • Dynamically batched cloud billboards
  • Adjustable wind speed & direction
  • Configurable coverage and shading
  • Correctly projected cloud shadows
  • Time & Location

  • Dynamic day & night cycle
  • Adjustable time progression curve
  • Full longitude, latitude & time zone support
  • Full Gregorian calendar support
  • Realistic sun position
  • Realistic moon position and phase
  • Realistic star constellations
  • Performance & Requirements

  • Extremely optimized shaders & scripts
  • Zero dynamic memory allocations
  • Supports shader model 2.0
  • Supports all platforms
  • Supports linear & gamma color space
  • Supports forward & deferred rendering
  • Supports HDR & LDR rendering
  • Supports virtual reality hardware
  • Supports single-pass stereo rendering
  • Demo

    A demo scene is available here.


    The online documentation can be found here.


    Time of Day is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store.